Partner in love or partner in crime?

Having lived for this long, I've come to realise that there is no better feeling than love. Be it any form of love! And if you come across the combo pack of love and lust, then there isn't anything better than that. Finding yourself a partner is like finding the Kohinoor after a long treasure hunt. But how long does this partnership work?

Initially your partner is your entire universe. With time, the magic wears off and you're just stuck in a routine with this person you call your partner and you come to realise that something is missing, something is off. At such a stage you could choose to end the relation or just let it be. Eventually, you tend to find that missing something in other places, maybe unintentionally, but you definitely do. It starts off with a coincidental eye contact, followed by harmless conversations, which grows into innocent friendship, leading to casual flirting that causes sparks to fly and eventually creating a bond of intimacy.

Now, some faithful partners may remember their beloved ones they'd found sometime ago and will know where to draw the line in their new found friendship. Some like to end it at that level of special friendship and name their new acquaintances as "good friends". Some would nip the process in the bud before it even grows into friendship knowing where that path is going to lead them. While certain selfish individuals would continue with their new found intimacy and probably take it a notch higher by bonding physically.

There comes a dilemma when you have to make a choice rather when you define moral boundaries for yourself. Are you the same person with the original partner and the new found spark? Would you be in a position to be physically present with both persons at the same place and be at peace within or would there be mental turbulence? Can't remember what went wrong and when did you reach this place and what could you possibly do to get yourself out of your own mess?

Well I'm no relationship expert nor am I inhuman to not experience such situations in life. However, I would suggest that infidelity isn't only when you're cheating on your partner with your new found special someone by engaging in the physical act of love. But I would say that you've committed a wrong doing the moment you've done / thought / spoken with the "someone new" that you wouldn't have done / thought / spoken when your partner is with you. Why call it infidelity only when you've cheated on your partner by having sex with someone else? Why even allow yourself to reach such a level. The very fact that you prefer spending time away from your partner and find solace in another form of relation be it a best friend or parental guidance (not necessarily an affair) proves that you need to reconsider the relationship you share with your partner. Whether you want to repair it or break it is entirely your choice, after all you were the one who decided to be in it in the first place, isn't it?

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