Lucky or unlucky? Don’t know!

Prompt: Luck

I wonder if luck is a real “thing” or it’s just the presence of an opportunity at a time when you are prepared for it. Maybe luck is the opportunity itself, or the opportunities arise as per the thoughts you create in your mind. I always practice and recommend to be optimistic and send out positive vibes into the universe. Rather than thinking of what you don’t want or can’t do, change your thought pattern to what can be done or what you want to happen. Accordingly, “luck” will be in your favour and you’ll begin to believe that life is good. There isn’t anything as lucky or unlucky – you’re in-charge of your own life! There maybe good and bad circumstances, but it all depends on your point of view. A blessing to you can be a curse for another. It’s not for you to decide what’s good and bad – they are sides to the same coin. Keep looking for good in all situations and be happy or neutral, but don’t sulk and be sad. Don’t curse fate for bringing bad-luck at your doorstep cause the concept of luck itself is a figment of your imagination. All you need to do is act towards what you wish for and it will definitely be yours, maybe not the first instance, probably not the second time either, but if you keep trying different approaches to get what you desire, you will succeed! I can guarantee you that!!

So go out there and get what you want! It’s all possible! All you need to do is – try! 🙂


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