Lost and found 

Driving down the road, I heard a thud sound like as if I dropped something. I checked everything possible but there wasn’t anything missing. I thought I lost something but thankfully I hadn’t…

Sometime later I found everything around me so alive. I could see more than what appeared to be as people walking around, cars passing by, trees standing tall (and short) etc. I could actually sense the beauty in life around me. I could feel the love and emotions generated from each living being. I found something that I didn’t even know was lost. 

Looks like I did drop something earlier – not a physical package, but some mental baggage. I’ve found a better outlook to life, like some kind of mystical intervention. I feel like I’ve found a key to a magical land. I can’t resist experiencing how wonderful life is. How amazing to see everything so intertwined yet separated. Life based on plain simple emotions yet built on complex imaginary materialistic objects that define our daily doings and thoughts. 

I want to take a moment and thank the universe for my existence – I appreciate my life and feel blessed! I’m grateful for all of me today. 



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