Let’s shine together…


Very often we look for recognition and validation from others for what we’ve done and said or for how we look and dress, etc etc.

Why don’t we avoid searching for the love and attention outside of ourselves and rather look within to love ourselves for who we are and what we do without any external source to approve and be a measure of the love we desire. If I want to feel loved then let me love myself first and appreciate all of myself before expecting others to do it for me. Make myself my priority and improve myself to match my own standards of excellence. Make an effort everyday to become the person I admire and aspire to become. Make myself the role model that I lookup to and set an example for others to follow and probably become a role-model to others.

My new year resolution: Self-Improvement. To reiterate myself – I am happy to be me the way I am! I accept my flaws and appreciate my blessings! My goal is only to compete with myself – to be a better me than I was yesterday! May I shine bright and illuminate my own life and find the happiness and positivity lying in abundance within myself. Be optimistic and confident and focus only on the good. Appreciate myself for the little steps taken towards achieving goals. Ideate my thoughts toward growth and development and a better tomorrow.

Happy soul searching to me!!

~ Napoleon Hill


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