Daily Prompt: Millions

via Daily Prompt: Millions

Whenever you feel low, depressed or useless, remember that you are the same sperm that won a battle against a million others!

Whenever I feel that I am not good enough or I need someone’s validation to improve my state of mind, this cheeky statement comes to mind. It may sound cocky, but you have to admit it is true. You need to accept yourself as you are and trust your capabilities coz if you don’t believe in yourself then nobody else will. Don’t let anybody make you feel like a loser. Apart from the fact that they are nobody to judge you and make you feel insignificant, you need to think better for and of yourself. Your value doesn’t decrease based on somebody’s inability to see your worth. You find your worth within yourself and then surround yourself with people who are worthy of you.

We feel down and out at times, but it’s ok to feel that way. It’s important to accept what has happened, learn from my mistakes and bounce back to life. But it’s definitely not ok to continue to mount up on the sadness by adding on the several other insecurities we have and the negativity that surrounds us. Sadly we seem to associate ourselves more with criticism than approvals. We will believe that one negative remark and choose to ignore the nine other positive remarks we receive. We ought to train ourselves to accept positivity and embrace ourselves for all the good within us.

We are all special. We are all good at something. We are capable of amazing things. If we want to see a change in the world, we should bring about a change within ourselves. Cheer yourself daily and quit punishing yourself. Be good. Do good. Praise others. Smile always. Help everyone. Spread Love. Forgive often. Share happiness. Give peace. Show gratitude. Radiate kindness. Celebrate life.

P.S.: Dear Reader, I really appreciate that you made time for me and read my post. Thank you. I hope you’re having a lovely day. If not, I hope it gets better. Today is your day! You are amazing – always remember that! The world is a better place because of you. 🙂


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