Daily Prompt: Promises

via Daily Prompt: Promises

Promises and swears are so easily said when we were children. Little did we know the intensity behind the statements we made. As we grow up we realise the stupidity behind such empty talks. However, the good part is that we come to understand what big a commitment a real promise is.

How difficult is it to keep a promise? After all, promises once made can always be broken. A promise made can be kept if the person making the promise is sincere and truthful to the commitment. It’s easy to say that ‘I will never let you down’, but it’s difficult to keep up to that word. Once let down, it’s a very difficult way up. Breaking promises is easy, but the heart break that follows is not so easy to heal. It’s true that time heals everything, but the healing process is an unforgettable journey – a journey of gloom and despair until you reach the end of the tunnel to embrace the light of hope and love. It’s necessary to be virtuous to stay true to your word, to be reliable and trustworthy. Allow the guilt to swallow you whole if you’re ready to let someone down. Regret and forgive yourself, but never forget what you have done and dare not repeat it again. It’s better to be honest and speak the bitter truth without making a promise rather than make empty meaningless promises.

You have the power to save the world from a lot of pain and sorrow by just mustering up a bit of courage and strength to do the right thing.


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