Live and let live

My life goal is very simple – to be happy.

I don’t have dreams and desires like many do. I don’t have aspirations and ambitions like most do. I don’t have wants and wishes like others do. All I want is happiness and that is all that matters to me.

I don’t refer to materialistic pleasures and momentary highs, but true liberation of my soul from within. Just pure joy and constant elation for simply being. It’s very simple and easy to experience but needs constant practise to make it achievable. It’s the most important aspect of my life and the 100% doable and here is why –

  1. To be happy I have to ensure that I keep others happy. I don’t mean to succumb to fulfilling others wishes in order for them to be happy, but just random acts of kindness and helpfulness. Most of the times, our emotions are triggered by those around us. It’s our social well-being that determines our inner well-being. Be it someone close or a random encounter on the street, each and every person plays a role in maintaining our quotient of happiness. Bringing a smile on someone’s face can light up your whole being from within. And the best part is that it’s free and unlimited. Surround yourself with good people.
  2. To be happy I have to live in the present. It’s not as easy as typing it out, but it’s not so difficult as mastering an art of living. It’s very simple to just be aware of what’s playing in your head. It’s ok to not be 100% present in the moment, but always make an attempt. Be mindful about what’s in the mind. If it’s a worry from the past, try to overcome it. It’s in your past for a reason. If it’s haunting you, maybe you’ve been running away from it, so probably it’s time to face it, deal with it and move on. If it’s anxiety about the future, let the issue present itself first, then deal with it. No point in stressing about something that hasn’t happened yet. For all you know it may never happen. Whenever you have a chance to do something about whatever it is that bothers you, tackle the issue and focus on the solution. It will be a bygone and you’ll be over it. You will learn to let go and move on.
  3. To be happy I have to be positive. Now that I am consciously living in the actual moment, I try to fill my mind with positive thoughts and have a can-do attitude. If I have nothing to do and merely day-dreaming, I rather imagine happy thoughts and positive situations. Fill your head with what you can do rather than what you can’t do. Build on with what you have rather than what you don’t have. If you want something, plan to go get it rather than whine about it’s absence. When deciding anything, take a constructive approach and avoid being destructive. Keep enjoying while doing something and also while doing nothing. It’s like celebrating all through the journey rather than reserving the partying only for after reaching the destination. Even in times of adversity don’t look at failures as stumbling blocks, rather look at them as stepping stones and learn from your mistakes. Never give up!

Life isn’t measured by the number of years we survive, but by the quality of life we lead. Make every moment count.Work hard, do your best and trust yourself. Cherish and treasure every single experience. Give each day a chance to become the best day of your life. Live everyday like it’s your last coz one day you’re going to be right.


2 thoughts on “Live and let live

  1. rhondarhoda says:

    This was a great post…thank you for sharing this…It was encouraging and most of all Real your expressions are a few that have run across my mind a time or two…You made me think and I thank you for that,,


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