Daily Prompt: Value

via Daily Prompt: Value

“It must be around somewhere…” is the response you get from someone who doesn’t care when asked where is a certain object. It is treasured, used and when interest is lost in that particular thing, it’s ignored and thrown around. And this is not just about things, but also people and other living things. Innumerable biographies and stories have been written based on that concept. About how someone buys something or receives it as a gift, and after using it for however long, it’s just thrown aside somewhere, which is not worth recollecting. Some say it’s the lack of value for things that makes people be that way, some say it’s good that one doesn’t get attached to things and some say it’s totally normal to lose interest in something after a certain amount of utility. But how do we decide the value of anything? Be it an object, a person, a relation, a commodity.

Is it the emotional connect we associate with XYZ that creates value? Is it the commercial price that adds value to XYZ? Is it the scarcity of XYZ that adds value? Is it the loss of XYZ that makes it valuable? Is it the appearance of XYZ that creates it’s own value? Is it the popularity of XYZ that increases it’s value? Is it the identity that’s associated with XYZ or the identity we develop due to XYZ? How do we add value to an inanimate object or a living person or an intangible thing? Is it bad to value something? Is it good to overvalue something? Is it alright to undermine the value of something?

In my opinion, it’s what we consider most important to us that creates the value of anything. If we consider money to be the most important to us, then everything purchased or based on it’s pricing is going to be the decided value. If we consider relation and love the most important to us, then anything that we seem to love or associate with love will deem most importance in our lives. Whatever the ‘consideration’ to valuate something, it’s the attachment to that ‘consideration’ which creates value for ourselves. Be it attachment to wealth, person or a random emotion, whatever it is that we strive for and find it difficult to achieve or have worked really hard to get is what we will have maximum attachment for. Attachment is the root cause of all evils. The moment we let go of our attachments is when we will learn to be truly happy. So it’s not about valuing something in our lives, it’s certainly good to respect and show worthiness to someone or something, but possessiveness and greed is when we cross the line. Awareness about our inclinations and desires is what will help most in evaluating ourselves rather than what’s outside of ourselves.

Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.


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