Daily Prompt: Graceful

via Daily Prompt: Graceful

Why be graceful when  you can be stiff and inelegant? I have always found it so difficult to be graceful and slow. Rather I feel like I have a superpower of being fast in the midst of slow-mo beings. There are people who can be so graceful, even putting a morsel in their mouth seems like a graceful act. While here I am, swift like a tailorbird, stiff as a stick, unable to figure out why is it so difficult to be elegant?

I literally lookup to people who carry themselves with poise and dignity. For some it just seems like an inbuilt art. Every move, every step seems so put-together like it’s done so cautiously and deliberately. The sheer movement of their limbs, the facial expressions, the absence of clumsiness and their own sense of style. It all just builds up to form this perfect picture of class and excellence. I don’t understand if it’s natural or if it’s all an act.

The funny part of my life story is that I am actually self-assured and don’t seek validation for my actions, but I come across as somebody who’s fidgety and lacks confidence. Maybe my actions need some polishing and probably I need to attend finishing school in order to develop poise and be less socially awkward. I am happy with myself and don’t want to change, but if I were to be a bit more graceful I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt anybody. Maybe it’s time for some self-development and learning a bit more about social awareness. It’s not about changing myself, but evolving into a better version of myself. The time is now, the time to change, the time to be a better me.


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