It’s never too late…


Good Morning! It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it? Well, it’s not very different from other mornings. The same thing happens every morning – the sun comes up, the birds chirp, the breeze blows, the sound of traffic grows, the hustle and bustle seems to catch up as everybody seems to get ready for their new day…

So who’s day is it today? Everybody seems to get ready and go out there like it’s their day! Like today is the story of their lifetime and they are the hero who has to seize the day! But when you look at them all from afar, there is no hero, there is nothing special about today. It’s just an ordinary day to do just about whatever you want to do. You ain’t no hero. You’re just an average Joe. But who said being average is a bad thing? Everybody is average. Everybody is a nobody. And it’s absolutely fine…

Does it matter if I live today? Or do I make no difference to this world? Well, from the way I see it, the answer is both yes and no. Yes it does matter if I’m alive. Every small action of mine contributes to the energy in this universe. But I make a difference only to an extent where I am concerned. My absence wouldn’t make the world a very different place. Life would go on with me or without me. I am able to touch as many lives as I can when I am alive and it’s left upto me as to how I go about it. I can choose to leave a mark only on a couple of near and dear ones or I can choose to do something substantial and bring about a difference in as many lives as I can. Whatever I choose to do, it doesn’t really matter. Life will go on…

So don’t take yourself so seriously. Just do your best and do whatever it is you want to do. If you can’t complete something, it’s ok. You can always get back to it and finish it later. You are a work in progress and always remember to enjoy your journey. You won’t be leaving anything incomplete, it will just be unfinished in the end…


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