How many of us wake up every morning with a thought of going back to sleep for a couple of more minutes. We wake up with a negative mindset that it’s going to be just another day to do something we don’t like to do. Why do we have to work hard over a period of time and don’t enjoy it. Well I may just have the answer to that…

We slog our butt off everyday because we are too lazy to decide what we really want to do. We don’t have the courage to do what we actually want to do (apart from the fact that many of us don’t even know what we want to do). I believe it is very important for each and every one of us to switch off from our daily routine and pause for some self-reflection. Think about what do we really want for ourselves. Think about what do we really wish to do with our precious lives. If we only work toward doing what we actually want to achieve and do it with passion and flair, we won’t think of our time spent working as slogging. We would actually enjoy our time working.

Now I know what I’ve written is old news and something we all know of coz we get to read stuff like this on every site we log on to in search of some motivation and inspiration. Well, my problem lies in the fact that I don’t know what I want to do. Everybody has some special talent or passion, I have nothing! I don’t know what am I good at. I don’t know what do I like to do. I mean I do know what makes me happy, but too much of that something does get me bored of it. It’s not like I can build a profession out of something that interests me, coz sooner or later the passion is going to fizzle out. Maybe I have some kind of a personality disorder – but I haven’t explored that as an option. I like to believe that I am normal and there are many people out there like me who are still confused in life without any clarity on what is their true calling!

I live each day learning new and different things. Because apart from me enjoying the process, I also believe that probably my true passion is out there somewhere, yet to be discovered by me. I can’t and won’t just sit and wait for it to come to me automatically. I will work towards it and explore it sooner or later. Only time will show me what I am really searching for..


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