OMG I’m Stumped!

via Daily Prompt: Stump

It all seems a far distant memory now, when I used to be a small dainty sapling standing like a frail delicate young one among the big bad world of grown ups. I was fresh and new and thought I had it all in me to face the world and conquer all. I was so full of energy and potential, naive without any real experience but full of self confidence and determination. I believed that I could achieve anything I wanted because I was limitless and passionate about life. I knew I had it in me to become extraordinary!

I stood my ground and stuck true to my beliefs as I faced every new day with a fresh zest and zeal for life. I always stayed put and assumed that the only world that existed is the little that I could see from where I stood tall. My life revolved around me as I thought of it. My limited view, my narrow thinking and my closed mind made me constrain my ideas to what seemed realistic at that point in life. As I grew taller and taller, I was surprised by how much more I learnt from what I saw. Each new day taught me something new which I didn’t know yesterday. I learned to expand my vision and think bigger and live life king size. I did not know that it’s a whole big world out there full of unlimited energy and power. Just because I did not know, I did not believe in dreaming big and thus, forced myself to limit my potential to being mediocre and tried to be one amongst the rest, afraid to stand out and be different.

Life always threw it’s challenges my way, I braved it out and stayed positive, accepting each trying time as a new learning experience, adding a different dimension to my existence. Sometimes I bent low and broke, sometimes I struggled hard to stick to my roots, but I always survived. As I grew old, I also grew proud. I basked in the sunshine and spread my branches as far as I could reach. I was approached by many in times of siege, in times of need, in times of pain. I helped as much as I could, but I always took credit for it all. I wasn’t selfless. I wasn’t humble. I was boastful. I was pretentious.

Days passed. Weeks passed. Months passed. Years passed.

I was now one of the oldest trees in the area. I thought I had made it! I had finally arrived!! I didn’t need anybody’s help. I wouldn’t need anybody’s support. I was at the top!!! I was the biggest! The newbies who would show up around me would either wither and die coz no light would bypass me for they would get trampled upon by passerby’s or get uprooted as fodder. I was The Handsomest! I was The Best! I was The One!

Not long before I became so self-satisfied and pompous, did I meet the man who brought me back to reality. One fine morning, not very different from all the other mornings of my life, there came a bloke wandering in the vicinity. He scrutinized the area thoroughly and left no stone unturned. Like many others, he took special interest in me and stood in awe of my beauty. There seemed something different in his presence, in the way he looked at me, in his touch. I couldn’t see what’s coming but I knew it was going to change my life for sure! I could feel And before I knew  it, this mystery man took out his chainsaw and buried it deep into my bark. It was not the best feeling of my life and most definitely I did not have butterflies in my stomach. I thought this was it – I was dying…It was my end…

I don’t want to burden you with my problems, but to cut a long story short, I am alive! The woodcutter took away everything I had and left me “stumped”! You must think that life is cruel and taught me a lesson for being so arrogant and proud. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m still sitting here, feeling mighty smug about myself. Why you ask? Well, what can I say! It’s just my luck! I wasn’t just cut down for nothing, I was cut for a purpose. The woodcutter as I came to know him better, turned out to be a doctor. A post-mortem examination allowed him to use me in every way possible. He surgically cut through me and utilised me to build a beautiful strong home which was also part hospital. I not only provided shelter but also gave solace to the sick and needy. In fact I am better off now, knowing that I am of more use than before. Well, what more can I say…I’m just blessed!

I may look like a stump today, but even as a stump I serve as a cool coffee table to the cold visitors. I may not be the ideal form of good looks, but I still think a great deal of myself. I don’t want to be humble and down-to-earth only because I am proud of the way I am and I don’t want to change a thing about myself! Always think big of yourself coz if you don’t who else will!!


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