Plop, pray and pay…

I have reached a point in life where I don’t know if I’m spiritual or religious. I do not know if I believe in A God or if I just believe in an ultimate superpower. It’s only when I’m down and out, is when I consider seeking guidance from someone other than myself. On regular days, I’m just a soul searching for meaning and understanding of this universe, accepting each day as it comes, taking life for granted without being thankful for my blessings. It’s only times of need that I remember to pray and seek solace in a higher power. Why is it that only in times of need that we decide to pay in kind for our unkindness and wrong doings? I wish I could be more compassionate and holy all days of our existence. I am going to make it a daily habit to be grateful for all that I am blessed with and pray for more wisdom and enlightenment.


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