I see someone in this reflection that looks so familiar, at the same time seems so different. I didn’t know I looked this presentable. Due to not realizing something this important, my self-confidence had gone for a hike. My face did seem above average, but the way I carry myself clearly shows signs of low self-esteem and low confidence.

I know I don’t take as much care of myself as I should. Self-care has taken a back seat and all the negativity has taken over. Even if I try to do good things for myself, I eventually give in to other more trivial issues and neglect myself saying that those other things are of much more importance. If only I could change my self-image, I could possibly change my life and the way I live. All this boils down to a single thought to remember to “love myself”.

I could look so much better with a little bit of adjustment here and there – like an erect posture, more smiles, better eye contact and probably improve on the way I groom myself. Such basic stuff which even a child could suggest but even the willpower of man doesn’t allow to change. All I need to do is think of myself FIRST, prioritize myself on my to-do list and think positively of myself. Besides, what really matters is inner beauty and confidence in myself. I will make this change and start right now…and the rest will fall into place. I just know it!

I believe that I’m beautiful!!


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