My First Post – An Introduction

I have taken the challenge upon myself to do something worthwhile with my life. I know it seems really silly of me to want to do “something” as this is what everybody does as part of their daily routine and they don’t need a special agenda to go about it. Why should it be such a difficult task to accomplish anyway? The issue is that I decide to do so many things without planning it correctly. I don’t break down the big goals into smaller measurable tasks that are set to be accomplished within a fixed time frame. The burden of achieving all my goals without knowing where and how and when to start puts me off immediately. Thus, making me procrastinate anything new and challenging, resulting in me having the same goal list since many many years!

So I have decided to maintain this blog like a journal for myself and write something every day in relation to my set life goals. And I have to do this irrespective if I have something in mind or not. So far I’ve been on track as I took my first step yesterday by creating this blog and today I am writing my first post. It’s not an achievement per se, but it is progress as I am moving forward and not in the same place I was yesterday.

My goals can be categorized under Business, Home, Social, Physical, Spiritual and Mental. Well I haven’t really listed my goals formally so I doubt I will put it out here for public display. Maybe that’s going to be my first step before I go to bed tonight and hopefully I’ll be able to update my progress tomorrow. Good Luck to me! I hope I stay strong and achieve all that I have set out for myself…



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